Rattling Bones & Breaking Hearts

Rattling Bones & Breaking Hearts

Mostly a photo blog of the things I like with a few pics and post from my life. I live in Austin, TX with my bf and our two dogs and couldn't be happier! Feel free to browse my blog. I'm gay so be prepared to see lots of hot sexy mens and sickening drag queens! NSFW at times!


Misa Patinszki by Dean Lee for Modern Weekly China

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calgary native victor liu spends one night every week, regardless of the season or weather, camped out alone under the stars at banff or jasper, where he occasionally, with use of his self timer, captures photos of himself with the northern lights and milky way.

"nothing is better than watching aurora borealis in winter on a layer of thin ice," he said, adding, "i love the night sky, it is a complete transformation and helps you feel connected to the universe."

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